Project Formulation Management System (PFMS)


Project Formulation Management helps to create the Project Plan, Project Committee and Committee Members.  It helps to form the Committee Team with Members for the specific Project or Programme and create the Committee meeting schedule with Meeting Date & Time, Agenda and attach the related documents. Send the Meeting Invitation to the Chairperson, Secretary and Committee members. Initiate the Project with Milestone Activity, Milestone Period, and Revenue Cost. It helps to Manage the Project Budget and Cost, Manage the Tasks & Schedules and share related documents. It has designed in Java Sprint Boot application and MYSQL database. PFMS consists of the following features.

  • Features

Schedule the Project activity with Project Milestone Activity, Project Milestone Duration, and Project Milestone Remarks. Provision to attach supporting documents (PO, SOW etc.,.) related to the Project in the following formats, MS word, Excel, PDF, MS PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Modules

In PFMS we have Project Intitiaion Module, Committee Module, Schedule Module, Action Module, Milestones etc

  • Project Initiation

PFMS intended to help the Organization to initiate the project with related project requirements and details. Get the approval from the authorized Project Committee Team based on the Project Costs

  • Committee Meeting

PFMS helps to schedule the Committee Meeting with Meeting Agenda and related meeting documents. Get the approval from the authorized person for the Meeting Agenda and Kickoff the meeting with Email OTP which is sent to the Meeting Chairperson. It helps to update the meeting attendance and meeting minutes. Get the approval of Meeting Minutes from the authorized person. It has facilities of Meeting Schedule, Remainders and other approval notifications for the concerned team members.

  • Meeting Actions

PFMS helps to update the related action items and to track the action progress status which is assigned to the concerned person.

  • Project Milestone Activity

PFMS helps to create the Milestone activity for every Project with estimated period and Project Cost and It helps to track the every activity progress status in percentage.

  • Reports

PFMS helps to generate different variety of reports for these meetings and actions. It helps to generate the Meeting Minutes for the specific meeting in Graphical format and to generate the Project wise Meetings status report in Graphical format. It helps to generate the Action reports.

  • Application Security

PFMS has the security features to operate the each screen and activity approvals.

  • Application Documents

PFMS has provided the Application Manual document, Work Flow and Delegation Flow documents for Users reference.