Stores Inventory System (SIS)


Stores Inventory System (SIS) is an application for data digitization of Stores Group Inventory Registers. It is a DOTNET based front-end application and MYSQL based backend.


Enable real-time, accurate, and accessible store-stock data to execute commerce anywhere through consistent, efficient, and effective in-store processes and procedures.


In SIS we have manage users, manage masters, we can create all type of General Ledgers like NIV-NE, COMP-NE, Machinery Ledgers, Others NE, Expendable Ledgers and all Project Ledgers. We can generate RIN (Reciept & Inspection Note), CRV (Certificate Receipt Voucher), IDIV (Internal Demand cum Issue Voucer), Ledger Posting. Also Condemnation Process can be done online like Preparing List of Disposal, Verification, IRRV (Internal Return Receipt Voucer, EXIV (External Issue Voucher), NRGP (Non-Returnable Gate Pass).

User can Search any item in any ledger. Ledger Sheet can be printed for Stock Verification.